About studio AlfaFoto Kiev

Photography by AlfaFoto Kiev  AlfaFoto Kiev Photo studio is doing commercial industrial photography, studio shootings for fashion and advertising , artistic photos.

One more area of our studio’s activities is decoration of interiors by photographs and images. Selection of photographs for an interior, the large-format printing and framing of photographs.
We are doing mainly manual author’s work without templates. Sale of beautiful photos from our bank of photographs that includes more than 50000 images. Delivery by air mail to any place of the world.

Commercial industrial photography by AlfaFoto KievThe professional attitude to our clients and creative approach to shooting are the key moments on which we build our work.
We do not compromise on quality; therefore you can be assured that so much attention will be given to your pictures at shooting,
processing and printing, which is necessary for producing quality photos.

Shooting Conditions and Features
The photographing of industrial subjectss, real estate and interiors is done based on a technical assignment.
Participation of stylists, visagistes, models and experts is specified in each particular case.
Industrial photography by AlfaFoto KievThe information on conditions of shootings is confidential and is not passed to the third party without a mutual consent of the photographer and the customer.
Photographing cost does not include creation of concepts, ideas and work as the art photographer.
Shooting of models under 18 years is done only in the presence of parents or trustees.

We do not do photographing for companies engaged in manufacturing alcoholic beverage, tobacco and pharmaceutical products or the companies connected animal husbandry.  Shootings falling under definition “pornography” is out of the question. We are do not doing photos for advertising sexual services either. The photographer can refuse similar cases without giving any reasons or explanations.

The given Conditions are not an offer, but are only the description of the general moments of the relation between of the customer and the photographer.
It is our pleasure to participate in noncommercial creative projects: sports, education and environment protection.

Best regards, 

Gloria Kossi,

S. Gornostaev.


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